Family Album

Thorowgood Taylor (gggrandson of William and Janetta) and Lutie Long Broun

Below: Lutie Long (top center) and sisters Sallie (right), Mollie (bottom center) and Lolo (left)

Thomas Rogers (ggrandson of William and Janetta) and Leta Mary Van Meter Broun

Thomas Rogers & Leta Mary Van Meter Broun Family taken abt 1908. Back: Ford, Thomas R., Jr., Annie Margaret, T. Taylor, Allan Van Meter. Front: Charles Lee, Mary Lois, Thomas Rogers, Leroy, Leta Mary, Ula Lizzie.

Ancestors of Lutie Long, wife of Thorowgood Taylor Broun (gggrandson of William and Janetta)

Left Erskine Long; Right John Pope Long, Lutie Long Broun’s father and grandfather.

Mollie Look Black Long, Lutie Long Broun’s mother

John D. Black, Lutie Long Broun’s maternal grandfather and Ann Duty Black, her maternal grandmother (older woman on left in photo, Mollie is on right)

Isaac Van Meter, Leta Mary Van Meter Broun’s grandfather

Home of Thorowgood Taylor & Lutie Long Broun at 1616 Campbell, Commerce, Texas

Judge Edwin Broun, son of Thomas Broun and grandson of William and Janetta. Portrait hangs in the Northumberland County Virginia Courthouse.